ADVANCED BIPV (New Generation of BIPV glass with advanced integration properties) is a EU/H2020 funded R&D project aiming to increase the competitiveness of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) technology by means of developing a new generation of photovoltaic glazing, satisfying the well-defined market demanded architectural trends.

Why Advanced BIPV?

After daily contact with main stakeholders of the building sector, Onyx Solar has detected several potential improvements as well as new highly demanded architectural trends on glazing industry. There are key concepts as “more glass, more transparency” or “more complex geometries” as cutting-edge fashion demanded by architects, planners and designers. In this sense, the trends of conventional glass are exactly the trends of photovoltaic glass. Therefore, this is the moment for facing the business opportunities through the development of innovative photovoltaic solutions capable to strongly compete in current and emerging market. As essential growing pillar and to fulfill the mentioned trends, Onyx Solar has developed a new family of revolutionary products which can be classified as:

  • Novel XL-BIPV Glazing Units,
  • High-Mechanical Resistance photovoltaic units
  • High Performing Vision Glazing.

These improvements are an inflection point for increasing photovoltaic glass competitiveness for its use in skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, hospitals, malls and transport infrastructures among others. In this sense, the following list includes some of the specific building demands  satisfied by Onyx Solar thanks to ADVANCED-BIPV:

  • Large buildings designed under continuous envelope surface with large glass areas between spandrels.
  • Buildings whose activity demands daylight entrance directly in relation to higher see-thru degree.
  • Projects located in earthquake and hurricane areas demanded special resistance glasses according to the specifications required.
  • Buildings located in areas with limited electricity supply or non-existing electricity grid.