Project results

Onyx Solar has produced high quality vision glass at 30%, 40% and 50% see-thru level by means of laser etching process. Samples have been fully characterized by using different tools, including Micro Raman, Scanning Electron Microscopy and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. The main process parameters of laser etching mechanism have been optimized to develop high quality see-thru vision glass valid for mass production in-line manufacturing conditions.



The design, development, installation and optimization of a large format photovoltaic laminator capable of manufacturing high-dimensions and high-resistance BIPV units (up to 4x2m and 40mm thick)  have been accomplished. XL format BIPV glazing units in thin film and crystalline silicon technologies have been manufactured showing excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

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BIPV products shall, from one side, fulfill mechanical/structural/optical requirements of architectural glazing (EN 14449), meeting at the same time the needs of a PV electrical device (UL, IECs). In this sense, full testing sequence was carried out on the basis of the following standards:

  • UL 1703 & ULC/ORD-C1703: Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels- BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)”
  • IEC 61215:2005: “Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) Modules – Design Qualification and Type Approval”
  • IEC 61646:Thin-Film Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) Modules – Design Qualification and Type Approval”
  • IEC 61730 2004:1&2: “Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification -Part1: Requirements for construction & Part 2: Requirements for testing”
  • EN 14449:2006:Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass – Evaluation of conformity/Product”

The main goal of the aforementioned full tests sequence was to elucidate the electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of the BIPVs, and to show that they are capable of withstanding prolonged exposure in outdoors preserving the main properties and ensuring the needed lifespan for building applications (30 years).

The products developed within Advanced BIPV showed an excellent performance and UL 1703 and IEC 61215&IEC 61730 certification for a broad family of XL-High Vision products was obtained. In addition Onyx Solar gained the CE marking for architectural glazing as complying with most tests needed per EN 14449:2006.

On the other hand, the two proposed Demonstrative case-studies (a) Canopy for large format/high resistance crystalline solution and (b) curtain-wall based on high vision 50% LT a-Si solution were successfully installed.

The PV canopy, installed in ONYX´ manufacturing facilities in Ávila (Spain), consists of 10 units of double laminated 12mm + 12mm c-Si glass showing dimensions of 3,65m x 1,75m and output of 844 Wp/unit; this integration leads to a total installed power of 8,44 kWp distributed in 64 m2 and the mounting system is based on 2-side contact over the steel profiles. The steel profiles are mounted over two steel beams distanced 3 m. The distance between steel profiles is 1,80 m. The beams are made of folded steel, with a similar shape to the pillars.  All the main electrical parameters are being monitored on a daily basis and it will last for a complete year.

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The façade demo consists of 6 units based on triple laminated 50% LT glazing units with the dimensions 4,00m x 2,00m, complemented by 3 opaque units of 4,00m x 2,00m oriented to the North-East leading to an integration of 72 m2 and 2 kWp installed. Each PV glass is fixed in three points by the two long sides through steel staples screwed on the main steel structure. The main steel structure system consists on tubular metallic profiles anchored on a floor concrete surface and on the existing concrete façade by steel plates. Each XL format PV glass lays on 6 points (4 in corners and 2 central) and staples are designed for glass thickness superior than 25mm. All the main electrical parameters are being monitored on a daily basis and it will last for a complete year.


All the monitoring data is captured by Sunny Portal application. A summary of this data is periodically published in the section of this website: latest events.

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Onyx Solar has promoted the project with the participation in several events, from national and international conferences to trade fairs. Click the news & events section in this website to see more information about these events.

This video, produced by ONYX, show the new generation of BIPV glass developed  and implemented in a façade and a parking lot.