Summary of activities

Advanced BIPV is divided into 5 Work Packages (WPs) from general management to dissemination activities. The project started on April 2015 (month 1) and finishes on March 2017 (month 24). WPs are at the same time divided into deliverables temporally spaced according to project objectives.


WP1: Project Management and coordination

The aim of this WP is to provide effective management and coordination to all project activities. In particular, it will deal with project administration, financial services and communication between ONYX departments, third parties and coaching board involved in ADVANCED-BIPV project.


WP2: Development Large Format and High Resistance BIPV glazing

The objective of this WP will be the simultaneously development of large dimensions and high mechanical resistance BIPV glazing.


WP3: Development of new architectural vision photovoltaic glass

The main objective of this working package is the manufacturing of BIPV vision glass of high quality and stable photovoltaic performance showing light transmission (LT) as high as 50%.


WP4: Full testing, standardization and demonstration cases of new advanced BIPV solutions

The main goal of this WP will be to analyze the technical behaviour of the innovations developed in WP2 and WP3. In this sense, there are two specific objectives:

  1. Full testing and standardization of the new developed solutions- to ensure the fulfilment of key standards in terms of structural and electrical requirements.
  2. Demonstration case studies- to demonstrate the products and solutions developed in real buildings where they will not be only tested as glazing products but as fully integrated multifunctional photovoltaic systems. The solutions chosen for these case studies are a curtain wall and a canopy.


WP5: Implementation of dissemination, communication and exploitation plan and IPR protection plan

WP5 main objective is focused on ensuring the performance of the most appropriate Dissemination, Communication, IPR protection and exploitation activities in order to guarantee the future commercialization of innovations achieved in ADVANCED BIPV project.